Books on Books
Book Number One

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I read this book because everyone else did and because it became a movie with my favorite actor, Emma Stone. If you are looking for a book about change, this is one. The book is located in the southern part of America in the 1950’s, between the time of segregation. One of the protagonists is a young girl who has dreams of changing the world, changing how people see white people and dark people. The other protagonist is a black woman, who has been a servent to white people her whole life.. or as it is called in the novel, ‘the help’. Each chapter is a different person telling it from their perspective as it moves on through time. The progression from darker skinned tones with no rights, to having rights.

In my personal opinion, this book was slow-moving. Normally it does not take me long to read novels, but this book took me two months. It was good, don’t let me discourage you from reading it, but it was just a very slow book. I thought I would enjoy it, but I really didn’t. Although I don’t give it a total thumbs down, I think it makes a great plot! But I like it better as the movie than as the book.

Read on my friends, read on.